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Launch of a specialist travel website

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Launch of a specialist travel website with luxury homestays, boutique hotels and much more

Bangalore, India. April 11, 2012

Experience an India that no ordinary hotel can offer…

www.seekandhide.in is a niche travel website that caters to travellers looking for a different experience from a hotel stay. Many well-travelled people are tired of the standard hotel experience and would like an enriching, local yet comfortable experience. www.seekandhide.in is a comprehensive source of special places to stay that have been visited personally and recommended by us. Clients can select the appropriate holiday stay from the well-researched options on the website.

Apart from the website, there is a personalised consultation to help the client choose the perfect holiday stay. The differentiation from other travel companies is the quality of the website, choice of properties and the service level. Currently, the portfolio is India-focused but there are plans to expand internationally within the next 2 years.

Company History

The parent company, Unforgettable Getaways India Pvt Ltd was incorporated in December 2010. Ms. Sudha Mathew, the CEO was an Assistant Vice-President in Citibank before leaving to set up her own company. In the initial phase, Goa was chosen as the first destination. There are currently 22 villas in Goa that exclusively marketed by the company. The next areas covered in 2012 were popular destinations in South India – Kerala, Coorg and Pondicherry. As of now, there are a total of 48 properties on the site. Delhi,

Rajasthan, Agra and other key destinations in North India will be covered by 2012.

Our aim is to deliver an unforgettable stay that a client would love to experience again. We desire to boost local economies and lower the travel induced carbon footprint. We will continue to discover properties that are not regular tourist haunts but enrich both the visitor and host with every vacation.

Each property offers the client the chance to explore the area’s culture, heritage and cuisine at his own pace. And last but certainly not least, we wish to see a smile on people’s faces when they recall their last getaway.

Why choose seek&hide?

1. Intimate, unique holiday properties with great service and hospitality.

2. Robust selection process with personal visits and detailed inspection.

3. Personalised consultation and travel plan for every client.

For further information please call Sudha Mathew at +91-966386 4444 or at info@seekandhide.in


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