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Houseboat & Resorts Experience in Alleppey, Kerala

Kerala’s most unforgettable experience is a holiday on a wooden houseboat with onboard service

Bangalore, India: In a special collectors’ edition by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala was listed among `50 destinations of a lifetime’. The beauty and serenity of the ‘Backwaters’ has much to do with earning Kerala that privilege. What is popularly known as the Backwaters is an inter-connected system of brackish lagoons and lakes, inlets, riverine estuaries, and man-made canals from the Arabian sea-coast of Kerala.

Alleppey is a town in Alappuzha District of Kerala state of southern India. It is situated 62 kilometers to the south of Kochi and 155 kilometers north of Trivandrum. A town with picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches, and lagoons, it is often described as “Venice of the East”. www.seekandhide.in features some of the most luxurious properties.

Houseboat Experiences, Alleppey: Kerala’s most unforgettable experience is a holiday on a wooden houseboat with onboard service. Kerala has many experiences to offer but perhaps the most unique one is watching life on the backwaters at close quarters from a “houseboat”. It’s a wonderful way of slipping into relaxation, surrounded by water and emerald-green lush scenery. The view never remains constant. At times, it is a vast expanse of water and at other times a waterside village with interconnected canals. While sailing past houses, it is fascinating to see their ingenuity in growing vegetables and livestock on narrow strips of reclaimed land.

Olavipe, Alleppey: The 120 year old home with two floors has preserved its original design elements be it the traditional Padipura entrance in a straight line with the wooden granary at the front of the house or the original four poster bed in the master bedroom with wooden steps to get on to it. There are ten rooms out of which six are available to guests.


Marari Villas, Alleppey: Rupert and Olga are eager for their guests to experience Kerala in an unfiltered way. They have designed local tours around the area and have trained a few English speaking local rickshaw (tuk-tuk) drivers. These tours are a unique and safe way to experience Alappuzha with all your senses. They encourage guests to try the local cuisine by making it a highlight of their menu and can even arrange a multi-course festival lunch on a banana leaf plate if requested in advance.

A Beach Symphony, AlleppeyA Beach Symphony is a beautifully orchestrated hotel combining intimacy and exclusivity with the expertise of the owners. This hotel is right on Marari beach itself. They have recently created a separate space so that guests can experience an ayurvedic massage or treatments without leaving the property.

Company History

The parent company, Unforgettable Getaways India Pvt Ltd was incorporated in December 2010. Ms. Sudha Mathew, the CEO was an Assistant Vice-President in Citibank before leaving to set up her own company. In the initial phase, Goa was chosen as the first destination. There are currently 22 villas in Goa that exclusively marketed by the company. The next areas covered in 2012 were popular destinations in South India – Kerala, Coorg and Pondicherry. As of now, there are a total of 48 properties on the site. Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra and other key destinations in North India will be covered by 2012.

Why choose seek&hide?

1. Intimate, unique holiday properties with great service and hospitality.
2. Robust selection process with personal visits and detailed inspection.
3. Personalised consultation and travel plan for every client.

Experience the best luxury homestays in India. You can also check out some of the premium houseboats and resorts in Alleppey and enjoy your perfect holiday! For further information, please call Sudha Mathew at +91-966386 4444 or visit: http://www.goseekandhide.com

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