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Finding the Right Property

How do I search for and book a property?

Step 1: Search for a property by destination, category, month of visit or keyword search.

Step 2: Send an enquiry form stating your dates and other details as per the fields on the form or send us a mail if you would like to plan a personalised itinerary.

Step 3: We will reply with availability and rates or ideas for a personalised holiday as per the requirement and take it forward from there

How long will it take for a reply to my enquiry?

You will receive a reply in 24 to 48 hours.

How can the Seek&Hide Travel Consultant help me?

Using Seek&Hide's extensive on-the-ground research, the Travel Consultant will suggest the right property keeping in mind the type of holiday and special interests. The Travel Consultant can also help in preparing a travel route or itinerary for you.

Why shouldn’t I book directly with the property rather than through Seek&Hide?

By booking through Seek&Hide, you do not pay extra. We offer the same rates as published by the property. What you do gain is access to a Travel Consultant who can help you to select the right property, based on thorough research and personal visits. The Travel Consultant can also structure a travel plan for those unfamiliar with the holiday location. So with the same rates and a reliable consultant to help you weigh the pros and cons of each property and build a logical travel plan, it adds up to better value and a better holiday experience.

I need some specific information on a property that’s not mentioned on its page. Can you help me?

You can email us at travel@goseekandhide.com and we will get back to you with the required information.

I need to book multiple properties and also understand the best connections between the places. How do I do this?

The Seek&Hide Travel Consultant will be able to assist you with this.

Can Seek&Hide help with venues for special occasions like weddings, celebrations etc?

Yes, the Seek&Hide Travel Consultant will be able to assist you with this.

Will you help if there is a problem with my booking?

Yes, we will assist you in case of any problems and resolve it within reasonable limits.

Selection of Our Properties

How do we trust the reviews on the site?

A property is listed on our site only if we approve it after our visit, as suitable to our concept and standards. We do not feature any property that we have not visited personally.

How does Seek&Hide select its properties?

We look for properties that have 10 rooms or less though there are exceptions to the rule. The places we choose should have personalised and warm service that give guests a chance to experience the place like a local. We also choose places that are low-impact enterprises which benefit the local economy.


Do I need to be a member to book a holiday?

No, you can book a holiday without being a member.

How do I become a member? What are the benefits?

You become a member after registering with Seek&Hide on the home page using the "register here" link. We will send you a password after the registration process is complete.

Becoming a member allows you to create an account where you can bookmark your favourite properties while planning holidays. You can write a review and share tips when you have booked a property through Seek&Hide.

I want to be updated on new properties even though I am not a member.

Please send a mail at travel@goseekandhide.com to get added to our database for announcements. This will help us reach out to you with special offers and details of new properties as they are added on the website.

How do I update my profile and contact details?

Login on the home page using your password, click on "My Page" and then click on "My Profile" to edit it.


Can you arrange taxis, transfers, flights etc?

Yes, we can arrange transfers and taxi services through our trusted service providers. We do not arrange flights and train tickets but we will be happy to refer you to a reliable provider.

Are airport transfers included?

Airport transfers are not included in the room rate unless specified.

How do I submit feedback?

Please mail us at travel@goseekandhide.com


What forms of payment are accepted?

You can make payment through a direct bank transfer or by credit card through our secure payment gateway. We do not collect credit card details from you.

I need to make a bank transfer from overseas. What is the process?

After you make a reservation, the Travel Consultant will provide the details required to make a transfer from your bank abroad.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Seek&Hide does not have its own cancellation and refund policy. Every booking is governed solely by the cancellation and refund policy of the property. You will be notified of the policy while placing a reservation.

Does Seek&Hide have a eco-friendly policy?

In the review process, we interview owners about their environmental initiatives and showcase such information on their property page (look for the green leaf symbol). In our selection process, we tend to favour properties with less than 10 rooms (there are exceptions) run by people from the local community and/or those that contribute to the local economy. Such properties in most cases are low impact enterprises as the owner lives and works in the same community.

Business Enquiries

How can I list my property with seekandhide.in?

Please use the link " List your property" to submit details of your property. Seek&Hide will review your request and get back to you if we find it to be a suitable property for the website.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.
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