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Special Interest Holidays Of History, Luxury and Wellness: Kalari Kovilakom, Palakkad

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Season: All year
Location: Palakkad, Kerala
Cost: Please enquire for costs
Min Group:
Customizable: Minimum stay of 14 days

Of History, Luxury and Wellness: Kalari Kovilakom, Palakkad

Cost Inclusive of

Pick up and drop from the nearest airport.

Kerala ayurveda treatments and consultation, medicines, yoga, food and cultural performances.

About the Trip

An unusual destination for a wellness holiday is Kalari Kovilakom, near Palakkad. This century old palace has a fascinating history. Dharmavaran- the prince came down to the 'land of Venga trees' to get cured of a serious skin ailment. Kerala Ayurveda worked wonders for him, and he stayed on to found a kingdom, Vengunad.

Kalari Kovilakom today had been restored and recreated into a unique experience, the healing experiences of Ayurveda combined with the grace of palace living.

A Fascinating Tour

The architecture is fascinating; a tour of the compound will leave you enthralled. Indian dancing girls sitting atop Grecian pillars and Chinese blue-and-white motifs on to the terraces over the main gates, the ‘mandapam’ linking the old Palace to the European guest wing, the marvellous doorways, the wooden stalled arches over the doorways, the antique pieces of furniture, the announcing bells, the hand painted frescos, massive painted pillars - each and everything vouches for architectural extravaganza and impeccable taste.

You can stroll through the herb garden; the palace garden is home to a profusion of trees.

Luxury and Health, Hand in Hand

Luxury here has a different meaning altogether. You will be taken through a strict Kerala Ayurveda regimen- getting up at 5.30 a.m. every morning, wearing organic cotton clothes, maintaining a prescribed diet, attending personalized yoga sessions and witnessing cultural programs in the evening.

You will be attending yoga classes in the large halls or sometimes in the breezy ‘machaan’. The palace grounds are crisscrossed with little secluded pathways where you can practice the beautiful walking meditation.

For Your Good

Bookings are accepted for a minimum of 14 days. And throughout the stay, you are not permitted to step outside the palace premises. You’re asked to abstain from your leather shoes, your smart gadgets and even your regular clothes. At the palace, you are provided with organic cotton clothes and mat soled slippers.

Wellness Personalized

Today this palace is a wellness spa, a Kerala ayurveda hub with a great degree of personalization. The Kerala ayurveda treatments are targeted towards anti-ageing, anti-stress and general rejuvenation. After a thorough discussion and examination, the Ayurvedic doctor decides on the vegetables, spices and herbs for each of you. These guidelines are passed on to the head chef who prepares a personalized menu that has to be approved by the doctor. No two people at Kalari eat the same meal; even the herbal water is different for each. Similarly, the medicines, massages and other treatments are also personalized.

The Secrets of Ayurveda Revealed

Many of the Kerala ayurveda medicines are made with herbs from their own gardens. Guests are welcome to watch the process. The staff is very friendly and open to questions. When it is time to leave, you will be given recipes from their personalized menu on a CD with the hope that you will continue with the philosophy of healthy eating.

Food is prepared in a traditional kitchen using organic vegetables and a minimum of oil and spices. Vessels made of brass, copper and even stone are used for preparation of food. Although simple vegetarian fare, the food is tasty.

Experience the Traditional Kerala

In the evenings trained warriors will be showcasing their Kalaripayattu skills. This traditional Kerala martial arts form is believed to be one of the oldest in the world. Some even trace back the origin of Kalaripayattu even before the birth of Chinese martial art.
The routine might sound more like a training schedule than a holiday. But we assure you of a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The mental and physical goodness at the end of the treatment is unparalleled. You will want to come back to relive this rejuvenating regime.
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