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Special Interest Holidays Kerala homestay, at home with the Nambudiris

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Season: All year
Location: Palakkad, Kerala
Cost: Please enquire for costs
Min Group:

Kerala homestay, at home with the Nambudiris

Cost Inclusive of

All meals throughout the stay.

Guided tours through the mana complex.

Kalam Ezhutti Pattu - a rare religious ceremony on scheduled days.

Cost Not Inclusive of

Travel to and from Olappmanna Mana.

Kalam Ezhutti Pattu, if it is not one of the scheduled days.

Other infotainment.

About the Trip

We take you to Olappamanna Mana, an exquisite Kerala homestay to experience the remnants of feudal lifestyle in a remote village. The assaults of the modern world have failed to affect this old home of Nambudiris. Each and everything here takes you back atleast some three centuries. It still stands strong retaining everything that is ancient, old and charming.

A Tour of the History

You will be thrilled to learn the history associated with this Kerala homestay. How the heirs of this dynasty have managed to retain the age old culture is another charming story .

Besides his knowledge of the fascinating family history, Damodaran, your host has a deep interest in Kerala history and culture. He will take you through the fascinating Nambudiri feudal culture as it was prevalent in God’s own country.

Dominance of the Nambudiris have ceased to exist, however this Kerala homestay manages to retain its original character it was. The location, the construction and the rituals performed even today hint at the practice of extreme ritual purity and seclusion of women followed at an older time. You will be shown the old utensils, the Chinese porcelain pots, the old wet grinders, the elephant costumes, the bronze lamps, the swords, old balances, and old piece of furniture; everything that has a story has been carefully restored.

 A Tour of the Heritage Building

The hospitable Mr. Damodaran will take you for a tour of the entire Mana complex including the bathing tanks and the snake temple. You can view the architectural marvel of this heritage structure built with rosewood, teak wood and jackfruit tree wood. You will be explained the effectiveness of the special designs used to resist summer heat and prevent entrance of thieves. It is hard to believe the level of architectural brilliance achieved almost three centuries back.

A Treat to the Taste Buds

Delicious food is another star attraction of this entire Kerala homestay experience. Damodaran and his wife Sreedevi after retirement have opened up their household for the outsiders to keep themselves occupied. Guests have the opportunity to stroll through the Mana complex and absorb the feudal culture that is still retained by every brick in the wall.

Sreedevi is a great cook; the meals served are authentic, delicious vegetarian feasts.  To retain the old feudal essence, food is served in stainless steel utensils or banana leaves.

Glimpse of the Rich Culture

Kathakali performances are organized for you within this Kerala homestay compound. The Nambudiris had been patrons of art and culture so its not surprising that the current form of Kathakali originated from their erstwhile school. You have the rare opportunity to explore the different nuances of this gorgeous art form and learn its history from one of the Nambudiris. On request, the host can arrange for rare authentic Kerala entertainments during the stay. You can also visit master craftsmen while they are work, making intricate Kathakali masks.

You can also witness Kalam Ezhutti Pattu, a very rare religious ceremony is conducted in the main house on certain days. You can  request for it on other days in return for a small donation to the priest.

Exploring the Once Feudal Town

Breathtaking ancient architecture, gripping family history and good food, there is still more to this Kerala homestay experience, a chance to explore the once feudal town. Close to the Mana are major attractions of Palakkad, unspoilt river Kunti, Kerala Kalamandalam Arts School carefully restoring the different art forms and Poonothottam Ayurveda Hospital keeping alive the traditional art of medicine making. Almost a complete tour through the rich cultural heritage of this southern state, the homestay experience is enriching and invigorating.

The next time you are looking for a heritage homestay in Kerala, Olappamanna Mana is waiting with all that is beyond ordinary.

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