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Special Interest Holidays Beyond the Brochure, Kutch

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Season: All Year (Subject to availability on Octobers)
Location: Kutch, Gujarat
Cost: Depending on the group size
Min Group: 6

Beyond the Brochure, Kutch

Cost Inclusive of

A heritage walk in the walled city

A visit to calico Museum

Late night train journey to Bhuj

Guided safaris to the jungle, all necessary licenses will be arranged for

Meals when going off for the day

Cost Not Inclusive of

Travel to and back from Ahmedabad

About the Trip

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say - a Kutch holiday? “White, endless expanses of shimmering salt flats with the border somewhere in the distance and flocks of pink flamingos moving like a carpet undulating in the distance”, you wouldn’t be wrong. But here’s more about a Kutch holiday what we’d like you to think about. Endless expanses of refreshing lush greenery, fresh water lakes that play host to one of the world’s largest concentration of migratory and resident birds. And if that’s not enough, we’ll also throw in an upstream fish migration. Who says you have to go to Alaska to see that?

Equally well marketed is Kutch’s rich and bountiful handicrafts heritage. You’ve worn its eye-catching block prints, showed off its well-crafted jewellery and marvelled at its perfectly wrought metalwork. But wouldn’t you like to clamber into a handcrafted dhow, made in a traditional style that lets it sail to the East African coast? And would you like to meet an engineer who makes 2000 ton ships without being able to even sign his name? We thought you would and we have it planned for your next Kutch holiday.


Colours and Handicrafts

Kutch is also well known for its riot of colours – the glinting white of the salt flats, the pleasing pink of the flamingos, the rainbow hues of the block print. How about ochre, mustard, burnt sienna, yellow, orange and mahogany? That’s just some of the colours you can identify when we take you to an ancient riverbed that been weathered over the centuries into a bewitching range of shapes and shades.



Of course, you can’t really get a proper taste of Kutch without savouring its rich cuisine. And here’s just a sampling of what you will be served on your next Kutch holiday– aulu (baingan bharta, to the uninitiated), rotlo (bajra rotis) and sweet-and-sour kadhi. And don’t be fooled by the familiarity of the names – the taste is anything but. What else can you expect when the main seasoning is love?

So shut that brochure and come discover one of incredible India’s unseen marvels. Come, breakaway.

This Expert Designed Experience has been developed by our experiential travel partner, Breakaway.

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