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Special Interest Holidays Sold Before Buying, Bazaar Trails in Mumbai

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Season: All year
Location: Mumbai
Cost: Depends on group size and the time of travel
Min Group: 8

Sold Before Buying, Bazaar Trails in Mumbai

About the Trip

Criss-crossing narrow lanes, tiny shops spilling with colourful wares, people haggling for a better deal...welcome to the bazaars of India. You can find them everywhere, and even juxtaposed against high rises and glitzy malls, these bazaars fiercely hold their own. The bursting metropolis of Mumbai has many such gems hidden in its folds. Here is for you a very unusual tour of Mumbai.

Amchi Mumbai Platter

Care to try the fiery tears-in-the-eyes signature Maharashtrian  masala mixes?  We begin this tour of Mumbai from the Lalbagh spice market. Guntur, Bedki, Reshampatti or Kashmiri; no we are not  planning a travel itinerary. These are the names of the variety of chillies one would find in the lalbaug spice market. This market is also home to spice mixes so authentic, which the pickiest grandma would approve.  Here, you can not only buy the spices, but can also get them dry roasted and ground into the masala mix of your choice… before your own eyes. It’s not uncommon to see ladies patiently waiting, with bagful of spices, for their turn.

Splurging- desi Style

Further,  we move on to Null bazaar. Roam the bazaar to find utensils, crockery, odds and ends for the house, the list goes on & on. Looking for a desi barbeque set? Find it at Null Bazaar while taking a different tour of Mumbai!

From the Antique

Just across the street is Chor Bazaar. This offbeat tour of Mumbai would  be incomplete without a visit to the once a well kept secret and reserved only for the adventurous, the notorious Chor Bazaar or Thieves Market. It welcomes connoisseurs and beginners with equal warmth. Furniture from the Raj, rare electronics like vintage gramaphones, out-0f-print LPs, film posters that take your back to your parents’ time, coins and stamps from a time when they had currency…  It’s not uncommon to find a genuine antique here. And if these guys can’t find something for you, it probably doesn’t exist. Gems from here often find their way into curated collections of  lifestyle stores . The labyrinth of narrow lanes beckons the enthusiastic traveler. One can easily spend a day in this Aladdin’s Cave. The more adventurous can try their hand at bargaining. Be warned - do not begin if you don’t intend to buy.

So let’s go bazaar hopping, let's experience this very new tour of Mumbai.

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