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Special Interest Holidays Kashmir by Hand

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Season: All year
Location: Kashmir
Cost: Depending on the group size
Min Group:
Customizable: Yes (with cost implications)

Kashmir by Hand

Cost Inclusive of

All travel withing Kashmir for 4 days

A guided heritage walk through the old city and a sampling of wazwan 

A trip to Aru - a Lidder wat Trek amidst pine forests

Cost Not Inclusive of

Travel to and back from Srinagar ( we can help booking flight tickets though)

About the Trip

When the nurtured dream is to tour Kashmir- Saffron fields, apple orchards, silk carpets woven around prayers…the imagery is exotic, beautiful and startling. The land is soaked in the history of the ancient Greeks, the Mughals, Buddhists, Hindus, and the British.  Thanks to these varied influences, Kashmir today is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. The breathtaking landscape has yielded literature, poetry and handicraft that is both exquisite and unmatched.

Craftsmen at Work

You tour Kashmir the most unusual way, you get up close and personal with Kashmir, Kashmiriyat (the way of life and traditions), and Kashmir’s rich handicrafts.

Master weavers let you watch them weave the much sought for delicate Pashmina.  You visit the handful surviving Kani weavers and discover how several thousand lines later, a two-meter shawl is ready.  Watching embroiderers work with silk skeins on Jamavaar shawls that take months to create is some experience. You learn why mystic Sufis  practised this art for its meditative qualities and found it a perfect way to surrender themselves to the divine.

Gold, mineral dyes and cats’ hair brushes make up the delicate art of papier mache. You get to watch master craftsmen create delicate art that is a legacy of the ancient Persians.  Witness how  elaborate carvings of the beautifully grained wood are transformed into eternally elegant and elaborately grand works of art.

A Walk Down History

You walk through history at Zaina Kadal, and through narrow streets into the Jama Masjid, and Shah-e-Hamdaan. While meandering through old bazaars bedecked with dry fruits, silks, spices and much more you experience the flavors. Now its time to work up your appetite to feast on Wazwan, a traditional Kashmiri banquet.

Flora and Fauna

From manmade marvels to works of nature, enjoy a day trip to Aru, a small hamlet in a wildlife reserve 12 km beyond Pahalgaam. Trek amidst fragrant pines, dip your toes in glacier streams, fish for trout and greet the Gujjars, a nomadic community that calls the valley home.

Perfectly Crafted Tour

You tour Kashmir the most unusual and exotic way. This tour has collaborated with R&A Designs, who work to create an awareness about authentic craft production, art, food & and culture, and Kashmir’s rich history & cultural heritage. You will be guided by Renuka, who has lived and worked with craftspeople in Kashmir for nine years and who now helps traditional artisans in finding new markets & opportunities.

So come, tour Kashmir for an enriching experience. Come, breakaway.

This Expert Designed Experience has been developed by our experiential travel partner, Breakaway.
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