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Special Interest Holidays Following the Thread: A Textile Trail in Gujarat

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Season: All year
Location: Ahmedabad & Kutch
Cost: Upon request
Min Group: 4
Customizable: Yes

Following the Thread: A Textile Trail in Gujarat

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Cars will be organized during the entire duration of the trip

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Travel to and back from Ahmedabad

About the Trip

The notion of culture of India and its textiles is interwoven. Nothing quite like the insightful embrace of one of India's most respected and valued cultures - textiles. Breakaway takes you on a journey to meet textile craft communities in Gujarat..

So Here We Begin

This Gujarat tour of yours begins at Ahmedabad, the bustling metropolis, with a curated walk through the Calico Museum. The museum archives textiles from the Royal courts of the Mughals and other Provincial kingdoms. All bears an insight into the intricate techniques of dyeing, weaving, printing and embroidery from across India.

Interactions led by our textile designer and visits to noted Textile and Craft organisations, interspersed with regional food soirees and a heritage walk in the old city of Ahmedabad adds a different dimension to our stay.

Meeting the Design Gurus

A meeting with graduates from the Kala Raksha Vidyalaya - the first design school for traditional artisans of craft and textiles near Bhuj allow us to spiral into discussions on traditional printing and weaving techniques and embroidery styles. As we surround ourselves by looms, blocks , colorful yarns and threads this Gujarat tour offers a chance to get up close and personal with the craft community as they share some of their challenges with us.

Our Mentor

We partner with Khamir and Shrujan to provide unique encounters with bell metal and leather craftsmen and crafts women working on sustaining the traditional embroidery of the Mochi Bharat (cobbler's stitch) and Rabari techniques unique to Gujarat.

We try our hands at block printing and tie-dyeing. To add onto our creative pursuits and textile inspiration, meet a textile intellectual, who walks us through a tie-dye technique known as Bandhani, and another who works with Ajrakh , another very elaborate form of traditional natural dyed printing.

We then set our eyes on the most exquisite hand embroidered and patch worked garments and accessories, using only natural fibers and dyes at a grassroots enterprise committed to preserving the traditional arts and textile of Kutch.

Before heading back to Ahmedabad, we meet the weavers keeping the tradition of Patan Patola, the famous "Ikat" alive. As delicate silk and cotton threads are warped and wefted, dyed and tied, the women begin to transform simple threads to extraordinary fabrics.

Come indulge in a rich and diverse Gujarat tour.

This Expert Designed Experience has been developed by our experiential travel partner, Breakaway.
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