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Special Interest Holidays Patterns in the desert, A Textile Trail in Jaipur

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Patterns in the desert, A Textile Trail in Jaipur

About the Trip

Painted in Pink in 1876, Jaipur is famous for its printed textiles; the traditional Jaipur print is synonymous with big and small bootis, or jaals and borders with repeated patterned floral designs seen in today’s Bagru and Sanganer prints.

We Begin the Trail

We begin our unusual Jaipur tour at Bagru- known for natural dyes and hand block printing. A trip to the iconic workshop, here we start our intellectual expedition into the craft of Bagru printing, once only seen on Rajasthani skirts (ghagras) and scarves (odhnis) for women.

We aim to make a connection between the past and the present. With a textile designer at the helm, we leap into the sensitivity of blending block prints and traditional textile designs and accessories now taking the form of contemporary fashions.  A visit to a traditional block maker and printer provides us a peek into his collection of exquisite brass blocks, hand blocks which are no longer available and are priceless.  As our eyes get fixated on the intricate sharpness of every carving, we get sensitized to the painstaking time and effort involved in each stage of the production process.

Visiting local production workshops and discussions with designers and textile producers is really what allows us to develop a fuller appreciation of a world filled with color and seeped in tradition and old-world techniques.
Getting an interactive, hands-on experience, by the leading textile craftsmen offers us a fresh new perspective on the technical composition of Indian textiles as we pace ourselves through exquisite handmade garments adorned with silver and gold warq printing.
The Mecca of Hand Printing

This Jaipur tour is however, incomplete without visiting the famous Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing.

Textiles have been a fundamental presence in Jaipur, and though it may just be art to some and tools to others, the Anokhi Museum reminds us that textiles are not only a livelihood but continue to be an evolving culture breathing through the stages of contemporary revival.

Textile interactions interspersed with a walk around old bazaars and some gastronomical explorations of the regional cuisines of Rajasthan- this Jaipur tour is a complete package indeed.

Come, Breakaway- an enriching Jaipur tour awaits you.

This Expert Designed Experience has been developed by our experiential travel partner, Breakaway.
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