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Special Interest Holidays A Textured Journey….Textiles of Central India

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Season: All year
Location: Maheshwar and Bagh, Madhya Pradesh
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A Textured Journey….Textiles of Central India

Cost Inclusive of

All travel throughout the duration of the trip.

Cost Not Inclusive of

Travel to and back home from Indore.

About the Trip

The story of the exquisite Maheshwari textile starts somewhere in the fifth century at Maheshwar that is located in central India, to be precise Madhya Pradesh.

And our journey begins there at Madhya Pradesh.

We Begin

Stay near the sacred Narmada River. Visit WomenWeave, a trust dedicated to improving the livelihoods of rural women weavers in Madhya Pradesh, spend some time interacting with the team at their Gudi Mudi Centre. Gudi Mudi means ‘scrunched’ in Nimar, and the namesake is the process in which the textiles are woven from the yarns, using a spinning wheel which creates a twist and what they refer to as a ‘scrunch’.

Attend Workshops

Try your hand on the looms and be part of a workshop facilitated by the project in- charge at WomenWeave.Traditional Maheshwar saris are typically silk & cotton with a fine and narrow gold border. Notice the precision in geometry as you see them weave in the chevron lines and diamonds into the fabric, taking care you make no knots or you will have to start all over again.

The Patrons and Masters

Experience fine Indian hospitality and finer culinary delights before weaving a conversation with legendary craftsman Suleman Khatri and his sons on how they are keeping the tradition of Bagh printing alive. Bagh prints are traditionally white, red and black, and are offered in an array of fabrics including cotton, Chanderi/Maheshwari crepe and tussar silk. Sadly, the mass market is saturated with traditional colors and asks for these to be done in blue-greens, oranges and pinks.

Real Time with Craftsmen

Observe repetitive dyeing, printing, washing, block making and printing techniques before undertaking traditional printing with Yusuf and Bilal at their workshop in Bagh. Lunch with the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh to study their work and cultural norms that have kept their craftsmanship lineage alive for centuries.

Some Sightseeing

En route to Indore, visit Mandu and the Jahaz Mahal Palace, that appears like a ship floating on water. Canals and pavilions display incredible design. The place resounds with the romance of the legendary Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati who were architects of the historical monuments of Mandu that still stand today.

A first hand experience of the rich textile legacy awaits you as you travel through dusty hamlets and obscure villages of Madhya Pradesh. You see for yourself the love, hard work, skill and artistry that goes into the making of fabrics the world celebrates.

This Expert Designed Experience has been developed by our experiential travel partner, Breakaway.

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