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Special interest holidays – are they for you?
Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Holidays are when we get to truly let our hair down, put our feet up and relax. The professional self is checked at the door and the true self can finally be let out. But that is the extent of commonality people share in the case of holidays. No two people are the same, so a one size fits all plan for vacations is never the ideal. This is where special interest holidays come in.

Special interest Holidays – What are they?

While some of us might choose to simply sleep away our holidays, others might want to hike the next mountain, learn a new skill and so on. Special interest holidays cater to exactly such difference of expectations from vacations.

Special interest holidays help us plan our own off days based on our interests, hobbies, family choices and budget. Not only does it afford you the relaxation and fun that a vacation commonly allows, it also ensures that your holidays are as personal and custom made as can be.

Are they for you?

Have you ever wanted to take time off work and learn a skill or perfect one you already possess? For instance, if you are an amateur chef who has always dreamed of perfecting your culinary gifts, but never have the time for it, then a special interest holiday is just what you need.

In short, you get to combine travel, learning and activity with relaxation.

Kinds of special interest holidays

These are the kind of holiday plans which go strictly against the one size fits all plan. Everything is custom made and perfected to cater to individual tastes.  Thus, the kind of special interest holidays offered are as diverse as interests are available in the market. Following are a few brief examples about such tailor made holidays.

Special interest holidays for art lovers

Block Prints

For those among us who have a flair for the world of art, special art holidays are best suited. In these vacations, we are offered the chance to learn, practice and perfect our skill under the aegis of experts at renowned destinations for arts and since it is India, handicrafts deserves a special mention. The destinations are further chosen carefully keeping this very interest in mind. Once done with the easel and skill enhancements, you can indulge in satiating the hunger of a traveler soul.

Special interest holidays for adrenaline junkies

If an adrenaline high is what gets your motor running, there are plenty of options. Trekking, white water rafting and mountain biking are popular choices in this field.  the Himalayan region including Zanskar and Ladakh, Garhwal Himalayas, Kangra Valley, Kumaon Hills, Lahaul and Spiti, the Kullu Valley, or the Eastern Himalayas are the best fit for them. Even Southern India offers options like scaling the Anaimudi peak, or going rafting in Virajpet near Coorg.

In case your choice is river rafting at Virajpet or a trekking expedition at Chikmagalur, you can couple it with a beautiful home-stay experience. Check out our sylvan luxury B&B accommodation in Coorg.

Special Interest Holidays

Special interest holidays for wildlife admirers

‘What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.’
W. H. Davies

The natural beauty of our land is unbounded, yet we rarely have time to keep our heads out of work for long enough to appreciate that beauty. India has a number of national parks and sanctuaries where the natural splendour of our nation is preserved in its untouched rawness. A special interest holiday prepared around these wildlife parks allows us to explore this untamed and wild side of our lives.

These were only a few of the types of special interest holidays out there today. We will soon come up with more specialized information on the same, featuring tailor made information covering all kinds of interests and tastes. For the moment you can definitely have a glimpse of the Periyar Tiger Reserve near Thekkady. We have some hidden gems, our boutique hotels in Thekkady amidst the lush green of Kerala.

Special Interest Holiday in India

Elephant in Periyar Reserve Thekkady


Additional information

seek&hide helps you plan the perfect Special Interest Holiday for yourself and/or your family. All you need to do is  call a seek&hide Travel Consultant on +91-9663864444 or send a quick form or email reservations@goseekandhide.com, telling the consultant what you are exactly looking for. Depending on your interests, specifications and budget, the consultant will put together and share an itinerary and a few alternative ones as well. The process is an interactive one so you can work with the consultant to fashion the itinerary further to suit your taste, upon completion of which you can make the requisite payment and book it. From here on, the consultant takes care of all the technicalities by confirming all arrangements.

In short,

  • Call a seek&hide Travel Consultant on +91-9663864444 or send a quick enquiry form or email reservations@goseekandhide.com
  • Share all your specifications and budget details
  • The consultant shares possible itineraries with you
  • Seek any changes if desired and finalize the itinerary
  • Make payment to book the one program you like
  • The consultant confirms the arrangements
  • Pack your bags and get set to enjoy your holiday

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Related Posts:

Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

We are here to help. At no extra cost.
  • Tailor made holidays
  • Special interest holidays
  • Hidden luxury getaways
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