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Beyond the monuments, shop till you drop in Pink City
Friday, September 6th, 2013

By Sudha Mathew

So you think you are done making your Jaipur itinerary? Wait a minute! Is shopping included in your list of to do’s in the Pink City? If not, then it needs to be fitted in somewhere, somehow. Believe me, you cannot visit this city of royals and not shop for treasures of all sorts. Of course, I agree that the most exciting things about this city are the gorgeously detailed monuments, the colorful attire of its citizens and the captivating history of brave warrior-kings and beautiful queens. But there is no denying that shopping in Jaipurcity is and has always been one of the major attractions for visitors. 

Gorgeous Amber fort, Jaipur
Amber fort, Jaipur

Alterations and modifications in your already hectic itinerary might seem painful at the moment. But I bet once you land in the Pink City you will end up accommodating more time than you think for shopping. So why not be prepared and ensure that you don’t miss out on the goodies that this city has in its treasure chest.

My list of must haves from Jaipur

Jaipur is indeed a shopper’s elysium. The list of things to take back home from your holiday in Jaipur is endless. Since there’s no known cure for the contagious ‘let me splurge’ bug rampant among tourists in Jaipur, let me help with a practical list of must buy items from this capital city of Rajasthan. Jewellery, silk and cotton fabrics, eye-catching sarees, home décor items and handmade leather moccasins have to be there on your list.

Where to go splurge?

So the big question is where to go shopping in Jaipur city amongst a bewildering cornucopia of traditional markets and high-end stores?

Well, nobody said shopping in Jaipur city was easy. You may well ask, “Why is that?” You will be spoilt for choice here. Each shop has such colourful, alluring displays and silver-tongued salesmen; it is difficult to decide which one to step into.

All the stores, which typically open at around 11 am and close at 8 pm or a little later, are spread across the 77 square mile city. Knowledge of what to buy and where to find it only makes your shopping exercise more fun and a little less hectic.

blocks for Jaipur print
Blocks for print

Also, shopping in Jaipur city might involve cutting through the dusty alley ways and brushing past the crowd in the bustling markets. Roadside shopping may not be your cup of tea, but a shopping expedition in the Pink City without a visit to Nehru Bazaar, Tripoli Bazaar and the old market area near Hawa Mahal is an incomplete experience.

In fact if you have enough time, you could go for the guided Bazaar Walks or a textile tour of the city and interact with the craftsmen at work.

Jaipur is one of the few places where the craftsmen are still connected to the ancient skills that have been passed down generation after generation. The artisans here take pride in their work and are not reluctant to take you through the intricacies of the process of creating their handcrafted work.

But if you don’t have time for a guided tour of the bazaar and workshops in this shoppers paradise, not to worry, this curated list of shops in Jaipur ensure that you still get to do a quick and focused round of the coolest shopping in Jaipur city. Here is the guide to my favourite stores in Jaipur.

Guide to the best shops in Jaipur for jewellery, home décor and much more…

Before I spell out my favourites in the city, here is a quick tip. Hire a reliable driver who is well acquainted with the city roads and most importantly the short cuts so that you can shop with no hassles.

Best Jewellery Shops in Jaipur

• Gem Palace: The pieces here are undoubtedly exotic else they would not be supplying gems to Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arples. Victorian rings, pearl ropes, 17th century Mughal designs and every kind of loose stones – each piece here is a treasure.

• Tholias Kuber: If Gem Palace reminds you of a princess, Tholias Kuber is for the girl next door. From topaz to amethyst to garnet, this is the best place for semi precious stones at prices that are reasonable.

• Amrapali: If the silver metal fascinates you, then definitely visit Amrapali. They have the best designs in the city. They also have a good collection of semi precious  and precious stones set in lightweight gold and silver.

Necklace shopping in Jaipur
An exotic piece at Amrapali

Best clothing shops in Jaipur

• Anokhi: This upscale boutique stores some of the best textiles of Jaipur. Block printed fabrics, colorful tie and dye, handloom prints and a lot more, Anokhi has a gorgeous collection. Once here, the question of “which one to take and which one to leave” becomes astoundingly difficult. In case you want a break from browsing and purchasing, there is a neat café in their premises with vegetarian European style food and desserts. Sip some coffee, nibble on a cake and then get back to making the right pick.

apparel shopping in Jaipur
Prints of Jaipur

• Hot Pink – This popular boutique stores the best of designer wear. Looking for trendsetting pieces? You will find them right here.

• Rasa: A perfect blend of traditional block print and contemporary fashion is what you find at Rasa. Their Mughal print cushion covers in silk are the perfect gift for a friend.

• Rana’s: Often called the bride’s favorite store. Even if shopping for a grand Indian wedding is not the agenda, the embellished skirts, jackets, silk and cotton sarees at Rana’s is worth a visit.

• Satayam: Their collection of silk and pashmina stoles is perhaps the best in the city. All of them are hand woven and embroidered.

• Nayika: The best buy here is the quilted jackets. Once you enter the doors of Nayika there is no looking back. You could choose from their brilliant shades of blue and orange or the more sober shades of black and grey.

Best Home décor shops in Jaipur

Home decor shopping in Jaipur
Textiles of Jaipur

• Anantaya AKFD: Known for their simple yet elegant designs, this design studio believes in creating designs that connects the buyer and the purchased piece instantly.

• Rajasthali: Bang opposite to the Ajmer gate is this state-government emporium. All the four floors here are packed with the best of Rajasthan artifacts and crafts. The collection that they have is reason enough to get into the store; the other incentive is the chance to inspect prices here before you plunge into the bazaars.

• Soma: When it comes to quilts and bedding, Soma has a contemporary collection using vibrant colours in block prints.

• Ratan Textiles: This two and a half decade old design studio is still keeping up with the latest trends in the market. Linen for the home being their specialty, you will find pretty designs in their collection of light Jaipuri blankets and linens at value for money prices.

Best places to shop for Blue Pottery in Jaipur

• Kripal Kumbh: On your way to or back from the Jantar Mantar, you should check out Kripal Kumbh, the showroom named after the renowned potter and painter, the late Kripal Singh. At their house cum showroom, his two daughters, Kumud and Meenakshi have an amazing collection of blue pottery made with lead free glaze.

shopping in Jaipur
Blue pottery, Kripal Kumbh

Best place to buy jootis in Jaipur – handmade leather moccasins also called mojaris

• Mojari: This is the place for a wide range of leather shoes. Besides the handcrafted shoes, you would be supporting a UN aided project that benefits more than 3000 leather workers of this desert state.


Wondering how to fit in all this into your schedule? Well, that’s what I am here for. seek&hide can tailor make a perfect itinerary in Jaipur for you including fun shopping trips. We have some lovely heritage hotels in Jaipur.


Happy shopping!




Images Credit:

Amber Fort, Jaipur: Rajesh

Blocks for Print: Aleks

An exotic piece at Amrapali: Amrapali

Prints of Jaipur: Ratan Textiles

Textiles of Jaipur: Ratan Textiles

Blue Pottery, Burp: Kripal Kumbh

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