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Munnar Spice Estate Stay
Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Munnar, also referred to as the ‘Kashmir’ of Southern India, is a land of unimaginable beauty. The lushness of the surroundings is probably only matched by the beauty of the clear star studded night. Blessed with an abundance of everything natural, Munnar is a veritable paradise on earth for all lovers of nature. What better than a Munnar spice estate stay to really soak oneself in the beauty of the place?

Munnar greens

Mystic Munnar

When I reached Munnar, what struck me first was, the much touted lushness of the land. If Kerala is God’s own country, then Munnar, situated in the Idukki district of the state, is probably God’s favourite weekend getaway. The rolling hills with undulating greens, the mountains shrouded in mysterious mist, the calm of the surroundings and the faint tang of spice in the air – together these concoct an enigmatic ambiance, which bewitches your mind and soul. The beauty and serenity of the town has almost a dreamy quality, time slows down when one is in this hill station, and the experience is further enriched with the hospitality of the land.

Munnar is a sought after travel destination. In keeping with that reputation and its dream like ambiance, the town has numerous quality accommodations especially tea and spice estates. The hill station is quite well known for its spices and organic produce including teas. The estate I was fortunate enough to board in had its own cardamom plantation.

Usually when we think about the smell of spice, we presume it will be overpowering, but cardamom is anything but that. The plantations lend a unique flavour and characteristic though faint aroma to the air. The estate itself, an intimate plantation stay, had Swiss style cottages to lend to its chalet look. The cottages were comfortable and snug with copious use of rich wood and spacious rooms. While the indoor amenities were enough to keep me lazing inside, the allure of the panoramic view offered by the estate was just too much to resist. The picturesque valley, which I could observe right from my room, was enough to make me forget all about my inbox. The birdsong is another aspect to look forward to in an estate. Staying in a city, even the early morning chirping I hear is adulterated with sounds of vehicles or machines, so it was refreshing when I could admire each crooning of a feathered friend, in its pure and unimpeded form. Since the estate is built on a hillside and looks upon the valleys, it was ideal for pleasant nature walks. The languid pace, calm and serene surrounding and the general beauty of the land and people, made me realize that though this is a land where I can definitely rejuvenate my work weary nerves on a solo getaway, but a visit here would be most pleasurable in the company of my loved ones.

Munnar Spice Estate

Spice Estate @Munnar

Not only did the town and the estate have the most luxuriously languorous pace of life which completely and utterly spoilt me, the food fare was none too shabby either. The plantation stay provided a good mix of local Kerala cuisine, punctuated with a variety of European dishes. Luckily the estate is run with a proclivity for everything healthy, organic and ecological, so even when I indulged a bit too much, it didn’t guilt me enough to make me feel too bad.

The cottages at Munnar spice estate stay, with their grand windows, breathtaking view of the mesmerizing valleys, the richness of the tropical lushness around, the bounty of nature and sprightly winged agents of nature preoccupied in their own songs and flights, all together made my stay a once in a life time experience. The estate itself is run by such warm and homely people, that the stay was an intensely intimate and grounded experience. The décor, ambiance, amenities and food were just enough to keep me satiated and pampered, yet not enough to overwhelm with artificial decadence. In fact my experience was so fulfilling and personal, that it made me rather wistful to have to leave the place on the day of return. If there is one place I would definitely re-visit then this would be it.

Munnar Valley View

Valley View From Munnar Cottage

Practical Info: How to reach Munnar

By Air and road: Nearest Airport is the Kochi International Aiport, Munnar is a 3 and half hours drive from Kochi.

By Train and road: Aluva is the nearest railway station to Munnar, Aluva is about 100 kms of mostly hill driving at 35 km per hour.

Things to do in Munnar: http://www.goseekandhide.com/blog/5-adventure-activities-in-munnar-this-summer/

Weather information: http://www.accuweather.com/en/in/munnar/204212/weather-forecast/204212

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Posted by Sudha at 3:42 am
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  • Sreepriya

    October 3, 2016

    29-31 Oct, 2 rooms for 4 adults 1 child age 12 required

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Related Posts:

Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

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