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16 ways to satisfy wanderlust in 2017 – long weekends in 2017
Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

We bid goodbye to 2016, welcomed 2017, and have just started getting used to writing 2017 on our cheques and letters. As we look back at 2016, and as we get ready to act on our New Year’s resolutions, there’s this nagging feeling that travel and personal time is always a casualty to the calendar. But if you plan ahead, the calendar can be your friend.

It’s time to make your personal calendar for travel in India, starting with the long weekends of 2017, which we are happy to report, are aplenty.

Long weekends of 2017 – January 

It’s cool at the beaches, the sea is calm and inviting you for a refreshing swim; while there are some other places like Gulmarg, Kashmir and Auli, Uttarakhand where it snows enough to ski. There’s a reason January is the peak season to explore India. We recommend Goa for a luxury beach holiday, Karaikudi-Thanjavur-Madurai in Tamil Nadu for temples and time-proof culture or  a camel safari in the Rann of Kutch or Jaisalmer. Whether you are traveling with a large group of family and friends or as a small bunch of adventure enthusiast friends, we can customize a travel itinerary for you that makes the most out of your vacation days.

If you are in Bangalore, check out the flower show in Lalbagh, held every year around Republic Day, 26th of January.

Long weekends of 2017 – February 

The weather is getting just a little warmer, enough for the greenery to showcase vivid shades of flowers and butterflies. For a short break, visit tiny, friendly Pondicherry or make merry at the annual ‘Carnaval’ in Goa. If you have a little more time in hand, visit the magical Khajuraho Dance festival or learn diving in the Andaman -Nicobar Islands.

Long weekends of 2017 – March 

It’s spring, officially. India celebrates this time of the year with colorful festivals and an overdose of culinary treats. There’s the exuberant festival of colours, Holi, and then Ugadi/Gudi Padwa on 28th March. Ugadi is celebrated as the beginning of a New Year by some communities, who follow the Hindu lunisolar calendar. Read more about Holi and Ugadi in our blogposts. If you want to see Holi celebrations at its best, visit Mathura, Vrindavan or Jaipur.

Long weekends of 2017 – April and May 

April brings a bounty of holidays. The icing on the cake is that it coincides with school holidays in most parts of India. Tis’ the perfect time to book a family holiday, invite friends and go off to relax on a lounger at the pool, with a tall cool drink. A large private villa with a pool could be the perfect place to getaway!

If you love wildlife, summer is the best time to sight the tigers, lions, rhino and more in India’s vastly diverse national forests and wildlife reserves. If you have the sighting of a particular animal in your bucket list, let us know. We’ll tell you where to go and when to go. If you have already been to the popular wildlife parks, we recommend Nagzira, Satpura, Pench, Nandadevi and Navegaon.

april and may 2017 long weekends travel ideas

Long weekends of 2017 – June 

June rolls in, with the monsoon turning the mundane to romantic in Kerala and Karnataka. Waterfalls take on a new life, school-going kids trot around in colorful rain-coats and umbrellas, and the smell of freshly roasted corn-on-the-cob competes with the earthy fragrance of petrichor. A great time to hit the road! May we suggest a long road trip down the south-west coast of India with stopovers in picturesque little towns with accommodations that serve home-made local specialties? This is also the best time to visit Ladakh.

june 2017 long weekends travel ideas

Long weekends of 2017 – August

If July deprived you of long weekends, August more than makes up for it. This is a great time to visit Kerala.  The monsoons are about to retreat and the light occasional drizzle adds to the romance of the houseboats and sunset cruises on Kerala’s famous backwaters.

august 2017 long weekends travel ideas

Long weekends of 2017 – September  

The festive season in India is in full swing by September. This is also the month to still get fabulous monsoon discounts in popular destinations like Goa and Kerala while enjoying weather that’s as good as the peak season of Oct-Jan. While the great weather and discounts make up the good news for this month, the lone festival in this month, Dussehra, falls on 30th September, which is a Saturday. If you are looking for something offbeat, then choose Arunachal Pradesh. Visit Tawang monastery, Namdapha National Park and attend Ziro Music festival, possibly the most picturesque music fest in the world.

Long weekends of 2017 – October  

India’s festival and marriage season has begun. This is also the beginning of the peak season for travel in popular Indian destinations like Goa, Delhi, Rajasthan, Kerala and North East India. But who said festive holidays have to be spent at home? Why not book a big place, announce it to the extended family, and go celebrate the festivals in the happy ambience of a lovely holiday destination?

september and october Long weekends of 2017

Long weekends of 2017 – November and December

Long weekends are something that almost everyone looks forward to, especially the wandering souls whose heart calls out to faraway destinations while their bodies are held captive by their cubicle. If you are one of those travelholics, you might have felt a little disappointed that the Christmas and New Year’s eve of 2016 turned out to be on weekends. Well, cheer up, as the last month of 2017 is not going away before giving the joy of not one, but two long weekends. Put your party hat on in Goa, learn diving in the Andaman Islands or go to Nagaland for the Hornbill Festival.


Long weekends of 2017

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Related Posts:

Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

We are here to help. At no extra cost.
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