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Discovering Fontainhas Goa, an unusual holiday in Goa
Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Our favorite guest blogger Bhavani is back on seek&hide blog with a stunning visual feast from Fontainhas Goa, the historic Latin Quarter. Fontainhas is a much-photographed area. But as always, Bhavani’s eye for the hidden beauty in commonplace details keeps you going back to this photo essay. However the real danger is that you will reschedule all your appointments for a quick weekend getaway to explore Fontainhas in Goa. Don’t forget to look at these Goa villa rentals if you do.


Yes, I went to Goa again. It’s still just two times in 2013 (yes, I know we’ve moved on to 2014 but I’m still writing about the year that’s gone by).

This trip was a work+pleasure trip. 3 days of work, where I walked around the old parts of Goa to write the walking tour of those areas, then I stayed on in Panjim for 3 days and let the charm of that capital city seep into me.  The three nights in Panjim were spent at a different place each night and that accounted for different experiences. Night One was at a friend’s house and dinner was from her favourite Chinese restaurant, Night Two was at a homely guesthouse and the Third Night was at one of my favourite family-run guesthouses in Panjim – Afonso’s (where I had scrambled eggs with coriander and loved it.)

The new bit about Goa this time?

Walking around the Fontainhas Quarter. This part of the Goan experience never featured earlier; the beaches and shacks of Goa always took precedence and dominated all free time and space. In fact, I had stayed in this area earlier, but still went to the beaches in north Goa and didn’t discover my own backyard – literally!

Holiday in Fontainhas Goa

The Latin Quarter feels like the original Bombay village (read about ‘Chimbai village‘ and ‘where the walls come alive in Bandra’). I took a morning walk, ambled along the tiny lanes, gaped at buildings and found memories of the past in Fontainhas.

It was an interesting two hours… filled with photographs and broken scooters, me trying to get into buildings and a lip-curling-shark-teeth-sharp-barking dog trying to get a bite of me. I saw road names in Portuguese, saw time stop, saw the past dilapidated in the present, and the brightness in the dull shades of yellow.

I experienced another Goa, far from the beaches and very different from the Goa I had experienced during the ‘Goa without beaches’ trip. And I walked away appreciating the fact that Goa will always manage to surprise me, it will always throw a new angle and present another facet that I hadn’t experienced before.

Here are some photos that will take you on a journey of THAT Latin Quarter of Panjim, Fontainhas Goa. Walk by, linger on and soak in a bit of Goa.

Is it worth a visit, you ask? Most definitely!


Exploring Fontainhas Goa


a traveler by choice, photographer by interest and writer by desire. bhavani blogs at merrytogoaround.com. Her Instagram handle is @merrytogoaround


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Posted by Sudha at 2:44 pm
    Comments ( 2 2)
  • Dinesh J

    February 3, 2014

    I have been vacationing in Goa with my friends since 2009. But haven’t had a chance to visit this place. You see not all fingers are same and my friends believe in relaxing, partying and boozing than a site seeing. There are these parts of Goa is live through your blogs. Every article on Goa, on your site, excites me to read through.

    :-D inesh J

  • sudha

    February 3, 2014

    Dinesh, that’s exactly the reason why we bring these posts to our readers and thank you for inspiring us to keep doing more of it. Many more happy travels to you!

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Related Posts:

Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

We are here to help. At no extra cost.
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