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Best Time to Visit Kerala – Romantic, Green and Festive Monsoon Season
Friday, August 22nd, 2014

by Sudha Mathew

This is a frequently asked question- What is the best time to visit Kerala? Is it just winter or should one give the monsoon season a chance?

Here’s a secret from a native – the monsoons are a great time to see the real Kerala, in all its romantic, green, and natural beauty. Not to forget the special offers and monsoon discounts.

When it comes to all things natural Kerala or ‘God’s own country’  is a truly blessed state.  Be it the natural beauty of the place, its weather or harvest, everything about it seems anything but unremarkable. Tales of its beauty are known far and wide and hence the state has a booming tourism industry. But for a long time its most romantic season i.e. the monsoon months, had been kept out of the limelight.  Kerala looks and feels wonderful in its rain-drenched glory, from June to September, Kerala’s monsoon months.

Fishing Nets in The Rain
Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi

The beauty of monsoon

Rain might seem like an impediment when you live amidst a concrete jungle and have to continuously run the rat race. Or if rain makes the weather dank and cold. But when vacationing in a place like Kerala, in the lap of nature, it is a most beautiful privilege.
Kerala is known for its rolling green landscapes, but come monsoon, its beauty reaches incomparable levels. The downpour rejuvenates the soil, refreshes the greenery, breathes life into the new harvest of numerous varieties of grains, fruits and spices while feeding a fresh stock of water to its backwaters, seas and lakes. While these features overwhelm a tourist’s visual capacity with their splendour, the heavenly petrichor mixed with the pitter-patter on the roofs and against the windows pleasure your other senses too. Thus, if in Kerala during monsoon, along with regular touristy activities one should just take a break once in a while to relax and hear, smell and feel the season all around.

Kerala in Rains
The Monsoon Showers

The activities of monsoon

It is rather perplexing why monsoon had ever been treated as an off season for tourism here as this is the season when Onam is celebrated. Kerala’s unique and spectacular boat races are also held in the monsoon.

Onam or the harvest festival is a 10 day long affair which sees several cultural events and activities, showcasing Kerala cuisine, musical and cultural heritage and much more. Some of the most popularly known and feted aspects of this festival are

  • Onapookkalam or the floral carpet made of numerous blossoms, meticulously arranged by an artistic hand. It is very similar to what some of us may know as rangoli.
  • Vallamkali or snake boat race, a true testament to teamwork, sportsmanship and athleticism. There are various well known and popular boat races held throughout the state like the ‘The Aranmula Boat Race’, ‘President’s Trophy’.
  • Puli Kali or play of the tigers, performed on the fourth day of the festival, is a part of the folk art characteristic of the region. In this event performers painted like tigers and hunters in bright yellow, red, and black perform on the theme of tiger hunting to the beats of instruments like Udukku and Thakil.

Apart from this the festival also sees Keralites of all ages deck up in new clothes, lay out a 9 course meal Onam Sadya, to which they gladly welcome any visitor.

Kerala in The Rains
Click Click Shutter Happy

Visit on a budget

Ever since monsoon has been opened up as a tourism season, hotels, lodges, guest houses including the house boats on backwaters have started offering competitive pricing and huge discounts on almost all their packages. Thus, tourists can get accommodations for half of what they would have to pay during peak seasons of winter.

All in all, Kerala in rains is a beauty of incomparable stature and a pleasure for all our senses. It lets a visitor peek into the state’s cultural heritage and practices share in the longstanding traditions of the region and experience the state in all its glory. Thus, if one gets a chance to see Kerala in the monsoon on should not let that opportunity slip away by any means.



Picture Courtesy:

Fishing Nets in Kochi, Prime Trust

The monsoon showers, FirstBiz

Click Click Shutter Happy, Ok Tata Bye Bye

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Related Posts:

Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

We are here to help. At no extra cost.
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