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6 reasons and 4 travel destinations for a memorable monsoon holiday in India – smart tips and reviews from a bespoke travel expert
Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

By Sudha Mathew

The bright sunshine, the warmth of the golden yellow rays and the happiness that it brings along- perhaps the three biggest attractions that would prompt anyone to plan a winter holiday to India, more so if you are from the colder countries of Europe.  No wonder if you vouch for the ‘make your hay while the sun shines’ philosophy, you have all the reasons to despise rain because it only exacerbates the chill in the air. True that you will hate to see yourself caught up in overcast weather condition while on a trip of your lifetime.

But the picture is way different in this incredible land called India. Monsoon in India brings in the showers of respite, relief and prosperity. With the first hint of moisture in the breeze around early June, people across India start dreaming about cooler weather and a chance to switch off the air conditioning. As the petal soft pre-monsoon showers flirt with the sun’s rays, everyone starts thinking of ways to enjoy the rains. For some, it is as simple as hot fried pakodas on a rainy evening while for some it means chasing the monsoon from Kovalam to Cherrapunjee. Most importantly, the pitter-patter of raindrops not only brings in respite from the scorching sun,  a  good monsoon is also the hope for a good harvest – for a prosperous India.

I would say, the number of things in favor of monsoon holidays far outweigh the points against it. Not just the eye pleasing greenery all around, there are many regional festivals to rejoice in the rain.


If you still need reasons to plan a monsoon trip to India, here are our top 6 reasons:

monsoon holiday

Why choose a monsoon holiday in India?

1. Lush greenery everywhere

2. No crowds

3. Rates drop steeply (20% off on our Goa luxury villas)

4. Gushing waterfalls

5. With curtailed sightseeing or activity, it is the perfect relaxing getaway

6. Unbeatable combination of chai (tea), a good book and raindrops on the windows of a cozy room.

monsoon holiday in Goa
Who wouldn’t want to drive on this beautiful road?

Which Indian vacation spots are great for a monsoon holiday?

Best places in India to enjoy a monsoon holiday:


Think of Kerala and green vistas or dreamy backwaters are the first visuals that come to mind. Now imagine that beautiful verdant greenery multiplied by ten. Sounds beautiful? It looks even better in reality! Whether you are watching the rain with a hot cup of tea in Munnar or in a heritage home in Alleppey or standing on empty Mararikulam beach, Kerala in the monsoon is a wonderfully rejuvenating destination. That’s why the ancient Ayurveda practitioners recommend monsoon as the best time to start treatments. And if you want to experience the majesty of nature first hand, you should consider visiting Athirapally falls which is in full flow between June and September.

monsoon holiday in Kerala
Calicut Beach


Unlike Kerala, Goa is usually associated with sunshine and beautiful beaches. But the charms of the monsoon holiday are a well-kept secret amongst the residents. Goa does a Jekyll and Hyde act in the monsoon. It is hard to recognize the “party state” in its quieter , and to me, far more beautiful avatar. The beach shacks will be shut and going to the beach in the rain is pointless (unless you’d like to see the feisty version of the Arabian sea from afar) but I can tell you that seeing Old Goa without the usual crowd is priceless.

Another reason to plan a monsoon holiday in Goa is San Joao. Named after St John the Baptist, San Joao falls during the rains in Goa and is celebrated with childlike revelry. People jump into wells, ponds and pools, literally wherever they can see some water.

monsoon holiday in Goa
Beautiful Goa after the rains
monsoon holiday in Goa
Nature puts on a splendid show


monsoon holiday in Coorg
Abbey Falls, Coorg

Coorg (Madikeri) is a beautiful, year round holiday destination with a pleasant climate, green hills and great coffee. But the monsoon brings one big change. In the rains, Coorg has waterfalls everywhere you look. Small and big, waterfalls are the best reason to head to Coorg in the monsoon. Irrpu falls and Abbey falls are the most famous waterfalls in Coorg. But have you heard of Chelavara and Mallali falls? There are many more that can be seen only during the monsoon in Coorg. Stay at a cosy homestay on a coffee plantation and do a day trip to a waterfall.


Mandu in the monsoon
Mandu is beautiful when it rains

Mandu in Madhya Pradesh is an ancient hill fort that was fancied and fought over by many rulers over the ages including the Mughals. But the story that fascinates visitors is that of Baz Bahadur and his queen, the beauteous Rani Rupmati. One of the wars was fought because a commander of the Mughal army was charmed by the queen and wanted to capture her. She committed suicide rather than suffer dishonor. But in the monsoon, you are the one who will be entranced by the picturesque ruins of Mandu with its fine architecture framed by mist and verdant vegetation.

What should you pack for a monsoon holiday?

Tips for a monsoon holiday

1. Lightweight quick dry clothes and sturdy shoes. If you are going trekking, then pack good quality trekking shoes, as rock faces are slippery with moisture and moss.

2. Hand sanitiser and wet wipes to keep diseases at bay.

3. Avoid street food. Avoid salads and cut fruits unless you are certain they have been prepared hygienically. Have hot tea or coffee rather than fresh juice. Be careful of the water you drink. Most water borne diseases are contracted through food and water.

4. Carry basic medicines to nip a cold or cough in the early stage.

5. Carry mosquito repellent and wear long sleeved clothing at night.

6. A heavy-duty umbrella, raincoat, rainproof bag or luggage cover. A hairdryer will not just dry your hair but also small items that get accidentally wet, like papers and currency.

7. Extra batteries for phone and camera, as you’ll be clicking a lot of pictures, and you don’t want to be stranded in the rain without a working mobile phone.

8. A good book and an iPod full of music

umbrella in the rain
Umbrella not by Rihanna
romance in the rains
Rain inspired romance

Photo credits

Driving in the rain and Beautiful Goa- https://www.facebook.com/goaexplorers

Calicut Beach – Bobinson

Umbrellas – Ranjith Shenoy 

Romance in the rains – Maks

Mandu – Abhishek via Wikimedia Commons

Abbey Falls – Abhijit Sathe via Wikimedia Commons


Send us your monsoon photos and we’ll feature them on our Facebook page. Post them on http://facebook.com/seekenhide




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Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

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