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5 fun things to do in gorgeous Goa during monsoon
Thursday, September 18th, 2014

 by Sudha Mathew

Goa has captivated the minds of tourists and visitors from all over the world for centuries now. The rich natural beauty, sprawling greenery, the relaxed ambiance, friendly locals, famed cuisine- all of it together make up one of the best holiday destinations in the world.


Over the years the state has successfully transformed much of its land, water and skies into one large playground open to all. Goa boasts of a large selection of sunny beaches with white sands and calm waters. While this definitely makes Goa a beach lover’s paradise, there are many more activities for you to enjoy. Some of them are available all through the year, unlike the beach shacks that usually come up only during the peak season.

There’s something for everyone, whether you are a nature lover or water baby, a thrill seeker or a romantic, or you love exploring historical places. In the months of September and October, Goa is refreshingly green, the weather is just right and there are some monsoon discounts available till mid-October (know more- write to us).

So, here’s a quick guide to 5 fun things that you can do in Goa during monsoon.

  • Trekking With the beaches a little less accessible than usual, the lush inland gets its long due. Goa has a number of flourishing forests, ghats, trekking trails interspersed with some of the most spectacular waterfalls and streams.  Amboli Ghats is one such destination which one must include in their itinerary. Lying in the Sahayadri Hills, this ecological hot-spot has been referred by some as ‘heaven on earth’ given its unspoiled, natural beauty and pristine environment. The other must visit spot is a well known one, which is the Dudh Sagar Water Falls. A multi-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River, is as breathtaking a sight as can ever be. The name DudhSagar means sea of milk  and this amazing waterfall does complete justice to its name. It’s a magnificent sight to behold, the abundant milk-white water cascading down the slopes. Of course, this waterfall (fans call it the Niagara of India) is best viewed at the end of monsoon, during the months of September and October. Trekking to this waterfall is not just pleasantly challenging, but the view at the end of the trek totally wipes out the tiredness of the effort. One can also take a train from Vasco (Goa) and cross the bridge over the waterfalls. But it is not advisable to actually get into the waterfalls as it is very strong in the rains. This detailed post about the Dudhsagar trek should be helpful to plan the trip.
Trekking At Goa

Fun & Trek

Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa - monsoon travel

Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa - Breathtaking Sea of Milk

  • Cruise - One of the most leisurely and relaxing activities to do when in Goa is take a river cruise. The serenity of dusk is best complemented by the evening cruises along the Mandovi River. The 2 hour cruise combines sightseeing with a carnival like atmosphere as there are dance and musical performances held, snacks and drinks made available during the ride. The river comes alive during night, with the lights of Panaji on one side and the brightly decorated casino cruises on the river waters. There are some must visit local restaurants and shopping sites in Panaji, which are open all through the year. These you can visit post the leisurely cruise.
Night Cruise

Night Cruise in Goa

  • Festivals –  Monsoon in Goa not only infuses new life in all of nature but also rejuvenates the spirit of the locals and brings with it an abundance of festivals. This is the best time for a visitor to the see the real Goa in all its colorful and cultural best. Some of the most prominent festivities include The feast of Sao Joao in the village of Siolim (where men dive into the river to retrieve bottle of the local Feni brew), the fishing community’s celebration of the feast of St Peter in July and Diwar Island’s Bonderam festival in August which is fashioned on the lines of carnivals. The neighbouring state Maharastra’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations also spill over to this part of the country. So, grab some great food, feni and have fun. Carpe diem!
Celebrating Showers in Goa

Monsoon Festivals in Goa

  • National and local heritage Goa is rich with remnants of the past, marks left behind by various kingdoms, dynasties and rulers. There are numerous such palaces, temples, churches spread throughout the little state of Goa. Some of the famous sites include the Sacred Bom Jesus Basilica (enshrining the relics of St Francis Xavier), Palace of the Adil Shah, the Mangueshi and Shantadurga temples; Menezes Braganza Mansion in Chandor, rock caves like those in Aravalim Waterfalls and so forth. These sites are not season specific and thus open to visitors throughout the year.
Goan Architecture

St. Francis Xavier's Church

  • Safari Tours Goa contains one of the richest flora and fauna reserves in India, therefore various national and international efforts have been made in the region to safeguard its natural riches in their true form, thereby leaving behind or creating numerous wildlife sanctuaries all around. These include the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. And monsoon is the season when these places reach their peak; visitors can trek, take elephant rides and observe nature in all its splendor.

Monsoon is the best time to explore Goa and enjoy the susegad vibe. Hire a motorbike and roam the relatively uncrowded streets with colorful homes, each painted with bright hues contrasting the green of the nature; have your fill of fresh sea food; and just chill. Well, writing all this makes me want to fly to Goa right away.



Picture Courtesy: Fun & Trek, Atul |Night Cruise, Goaeventmanagement|Monsoon festival in India, Joe|Church, Dan & Sophie| DudhSagar, Sharat

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Posted by Sudha at 2:00 pm

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Plan to travel to an Indian holiday destination?

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