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Photo blog on Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri

By Sudha Mathew

The best way to convey the beauty and the symmetry of the Taj Mahal and the surrounding buildings is through photos. Same with the Fatehpuri Sikri complex. But it still doesn't compare to the real thing. If you haven't seen it yet, go now!


Day 8 Tour of Taj Mahal

By Sudha Mathew

Yippee! I finally saw THE Taj Mahal :))

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the world and that too in my own country but I had not managed to see it till date. It takes some time for the sheer beauty, perfect s... Read more...

Day 6 and 7 Still checking out the best hotels in Delhi

By Sudha Mathew

On the last two days of our stay in Delhi, we check out some more special places to stay. There are a lot of beautiful properties in Delhi but I think we've chosen the best. The reason I'm sure about this is because just like all other locations, I have pe... Read more...

Day 5 The best boutique hotels in Delhi

By Sudha Mathew

On Day 5, I did what I love doing the most. Checking out the best boutique hotels in the city. And wow, does Delhi have some amazing ones! Found some stunning guesthouses and hotels in Delhi that fit the Read more...

Day 4 Visit to dargah in Ajmer

By Sudha Mathew

The last leg before I reach the destination is usually the most fidgety frustrating part because I have "when-will-we-get-there" running in a loop through my head.  Wait! I’m skipping ahead without describing the most interesting episode of the day.

...

Day 3 Driving from Surat to Ajmer

By Sudha Mathew

Playing “fetch” with a friendly dog called Bijli in the overgrown garden at the 100-year-old Ajmer Bungalow is one of the highlights of the road trip so far.

It's the morning of Day 4 and we finally got an 8-hour ni... Read more...

Bangalore to Delhi by car

By Sudha Mathew

Day 1 & 2

Before I get to the epic road trip, let me give you the background. I've been planning to open up two new destinations, the Golden Triangle of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur and Rajasthan on Read more...

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A trip to Munnar down memory lane

By Sudha Mathew

Nostalgia has me by the throat today. I'm not sure why. In an effort to assuage it, I am sifting through old photos and there are some great ones from a holiday a few years ago. I had gone on a family holiday with my parents and two siblings to Munnar in t... Read more...

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